Third Space Learning

Making high quality 1-to-1 maths teaching more accessible than ever before

They are a team of maths teachers and technologists working to ensure every child has the opportunity to succeed in maths.

They believe that the key to success in maths is confidence, and that confidence comes from asking questions, receiving feedback and exploring ideas. Yet, in a class of thirty it can be hard to provide this kind of support for the pupils who need it most, and 1-to-1 teaching has traditionally been difficult and expensive to organise.

They’re helping to change this.

They’ve built technology for schools which provides access to personalised teaching through an interactive online classroom. They connect pupils with specialist maths tutors who give pupils the opportunity to question and discuss concepts in maths, building their confidence and understanding for the long term.

Since they started our mission in 2012, they’ve delivered half a million online lessons to over 45,000 pupils in thousands of schools.

But their work doesn’t stop just because a pupil has made progress. They record and analyse each lesson to improve and adapt at scale for greatest impact. Plus, regular feedback from pupils and teachers is constantly helping to shape their online classroom and make their intervention as robust and effective as possible.

Key facts

Sector - Education

When Downing first invested - 2018

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