Energy and infrastructure

Secure the finance you need to help support the UK's future energy needs.

Image: Wind farm

What we finance

We invest in a wide range of renewable energy and infrastructure sectors in the UK including:

  • core renewables such as wind, solar photovoltaic and hydro-electric projects
  • biomass and anaerobic digestion projects
  • flexible energy generation
  • energy storage
  • electric vehicle infrastructure

We have supported projects at all stages of development, from shovel-ready through to mature operations and have considerable experience in managing complex contractual, technical and legal considerations.

We invest across the capital structure and can support projects by lending debt or investing equity. 

Our experience

Downing has been working in the energy infrastructure sector since 2010 and has invested over £400 million over this time. 

We currently have over £300 million in energy projects under our management, across a range of sectors, including solar, wind, hydro and reserve power batteries. 

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